YogaSonia intentions

  • to guide yoga journeys that create space that feels safe, sacred, and nurturing for you to explore the vastness and depth of yourself and discover the spectacular wonders of the world within you...
  • to apply themes to our yoga practices that can translate as personal meaning, depth, and inspiration to your life off the mat...
  • to meet every person exactly where they are at and lovingly guide them in a yoga practice that works for them so that they can receive all the profound benefits and feel fabulous...Yoga is for everybody-no exceptions.


YogaSonia story

Sonia discovered yoga as a teen, when she was a lost, hurt, and confused soul. Her first yoga class was a huge portion of a-ha moments that set the stage for her path of healing, self discovery, and connecting deeply to the experience of being alive through a steady exploration and practice of yoga.

She embraced her gypsy spirit wholeheartedly as a young woman and spent over a decade traveling various parts of the globe, living/working in several yoga centers, studying with a plethora of world renowned yoga teachers, and learning about the essence of the human spirit by immersing in vastly different cultures, environments, and views.

Those journeying years shaped and strengthened her immensely, and brought to light her passion and hearts purpose to share the abundant gifts of yoga with others.

She was certified in 2003 by the Nosara Institute of interdisciplinary yoga studies, and has been teaching ever since. Over the years she has worked with a variety of populations, including pre and post natal women, at risk teens, equestrians, men and women recovering from abuse or addiction, curious newbies, equestrians, kids, seniors, artists, and athletes. Though her sequencing and wording may fluctuate in these varying settings, the common threads in her teaching style is that she does so from her heart, compassionately and intuitively meeting her students exactly where they are. She facilitates a space for people to feel empowered, at peace, open, and grounded in a clearer sense of their true nature. She has a knack for theming her sessions in such a way that you can apply your yoga to your life off the mat, and bringing laughter in.


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